About Us

  • Mepro Software was founded in the year of 1997 in Ankara
  • Our first software was ‘Adres-Etiket’ currently continued as Winaddress
  • With our belief that the best patient trackers for doctors can be built by doctors who use those programs, we continuously update our programs using the feedbacks we get from our users.
  • Patient Tracking 4.0:
    • Our long serving and very popular Patient Tracking 3.0 software has been updated using the feedback we got from our users
    • The newer version has updated the popular functionalities while also adding new functions for the everchanging needs of our users
    • Our new and more powerful database system in this version has added the option of backing up your date and reloading(???)
    • Our 4th version has merged all branches under one version and the users can select their branch after installation.
    • With our new update, you would be able to use the same program from many devices using the same server
    • We have a detailed user guide under the help section(??)
  • We have also developed helper tools, desktop tools, mobile apps and video games.
  • Uygulamalarımızdan bazıları:
    Winaddress 5.0, Hasta Takip Programı, Soru Bankası, Dosya Dönüştürücü