The Mepro Patient Follow-up Program, which has been used by many physicians for years and recommended to their colleagues, has been renewed.
Patient Follow-up Software

 We evaluated the patient follow-up programs that we have developed since 1998, the feedback from the users, the changing needs in medicine, the developments in databases and software technology. In order to keep our applications up to date, we decided to create a new version in the light of our evaluations.

 Our plan to present the new version with the new interface, upon the request of the majority of users, we decided to preserve the familiar and classic program appearance. Despite many adjustments and innovations we have made in the application, we have remained faithful to the previous look, except for minor visual changes.

 While creating the new version, data security, user-friendliness and speed were our primary goals. Some unused features and fields have been removed, new and necessary features have been added, and a strong and robust database has been used. Regular and automatic data backups are provided.

 We have gathered the applications of all branches under a single program so that requests and regulation requests from different branches can be used by other branches. It is planned that the features of the branch will be usable with the selection of specialization that can be made after the installation. This feature provided the opportunity for different branches to work on the same database on the network. In case the user logs in from a different computer on the network, it is possible to choose his own branch easily.

Using the Program on the Network

 It can be used on the network by connecting to the database opened for remote connections and the user can be defined with different authorizations. With the authorizations to be made, the data that the secretary or other users can access will be limited.


  • General Patient Follow-up
  • Internal medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Gynecology
  • Ear Nose Throat Diseases
  • Ophthalmologyı
  • Orthopedics
  • Neurology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Chest Diseases
  • Urology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Cardiovascular Surgery

Mepro Patient Follow-up 4.0 Properties

  • Branch Selection: Opportunity to select and change branches after installation.
  • Search: Quick access to records in the name entry field or with the help of the search key.
  • Document: Viewing and recording the patient's information (examination, epicrisis, report…).
  • Analysis: Analysis and graphs on all records.
  • Appointment:Entering and listing patient appointment date and time.
  • Warnings and Reminders: Previously entered information is displayed in the patient and exam selection.
  • Insurance expiry warning:It gives a warning if the patient's insurance date has passed.
  • Birthday Reminder: If activated, they are reminded every day at the opening of the program as those born today.
  • Adding users: Unlimited users can be specified. Appointment scheme for each user can be created.
  • Login: If there is more than one user, the entries are encrypted and the actions of each user are recorded.
  • Language support: Turkish and English language support.
  • Fee Entry and breakdown: Fee entries can be made from the inspection or home page, and breakdowns of various periods can be taken.
  • Connection Envelope labels and letters can be printed on the lists obtained with the filter used. Email can be sent.
  • Daily Examinations: Ability to access the inspection list for each day.
  • Customizing The Homepage: Changing icons and photos, Viewing Daily Inspection and Appointment list.
  • Complaint and Story List creation: The information written in the complaint and diagnosis field at the examination entries are stored in lists. Instead of writing the same complaint and diagnosis in the next entries, a selection can be made from the list.
  • prescription: Medications included in the prescription are kept in a medication list. A prescription is created by choosing from the list or entering a new drug.
  • Test: Selection is made from the categories and examinations listed on the examination page opened from the examination page, or a new examination is entered.
  • Result Introduction: They are listed by date with the previously requested examination. The results of the examinations in the lists can be entered.
  • Old Prescriptions: Old recipes are listed by date.
  • Print: Old and new prescriptions and examinations can be printed.
  • old Examinations: Previous exams are listed by date. The selected exam opens. The opened exam can be edited or deleted entirely.
  • Epicrisis: The selected exam can be printed as an epicrisis.
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