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Hangman Game Hangman Game

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Hangman game Hangman Game

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hangman game Adam Asmaca
Hangman Game Hangman Game

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Hangman Game Hangman Game

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How to Play Hangman Game

 At the opening, one of the data consisting of the categories name, city, country, animal, colors, fruit and family words is selected randomly. Category, the first letter of the data (if the first letter repeats in the word or words, all the repetitions are displayed), lines as the number of letters are displayed. Letter keys, change question keys, an empty coffee table, and a facial expression are displayed. Considering the clues (category, first letter, number of characters) about the word or words you want to find:

  1. You can change the question with the Change Question button.
  2. Select your guess from the letter keys and click. If your selection is correct, the letter will be displayed in its place in the word, the face drawing will turn into a smiley face, and your score will increase. If false, part of the cartoon character is added to the drawing. Face drawing gets sad expression and your score drops.
  3. If the desired word or words are guessed correctly or 10 cannot be guessed, the message and the continue button are displayed. You can continue the game with a new question by clicking the button.
  4. If you want your score to be saved, fill in the username and password fields on the screen and confirm.
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Origin of the Hangman Game

 Although it is not known in which country and language the game was first played, according to some sources, it originated from an application made in Europe after people sentenced to death demand "Rite of Words and Life(Hess, Noah. 2020)" (Word and Life Method). it is received. According to this method, the death row convict requesting "Rite of Words and Life" is asked to find a word with five letter guesses. If the word is correct in five guesses, the death penalty is pardoned.

 It is not known whether the game is really the result of such an application or such an ascription was made because of its name. There is no mention of such or a similar practice in the history books describing that period.

 It is named to mean Hanging Man in every language in which it is played. It is especially recommended for primary school children to teach vocabulary with games. Although it contradicts its name, it is a fun and educational game. Known name in different languages:

  • Turkish Adam Asmaca
  • English Hangman
  • French Le Pendu
  • German Galgenmännchen
  • Spanish Ahorcado
  • Italian L'impiccato
  • Portuguese Jogo da Forca
  • Greek Κρεμάλα

 It is traditionally played with pen and paper. Draws an empty coffee table on the paper that sets up the game. As a clue, the number of letters is indicated with a dashed line and usually the first letter is written. The player looks at these clues and says the letter in line with his guess. If the letter exists in the word, it is written instead. If not, they draw the head, body, arm... on the coffee table. The drawing is completed in ten steps. If the letter is guessed incorrectly ten times, the figure is completed and the player loses the game.