Number Puzzle

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How to Play Number Puzzle?

 The game is asked to find a number. The number consists of four different digits. The player writes a four-digit number and clicks OK. The entered number is analyzed and the result is displayed. If the numbers sought in the number are used in the right place, they are marked as plus, if they are present and if they are not, they are marked as minus. The player must evaluate the results and find the number in ten guesses.

  1. Choose four numbers from zero to nine.
  2. If you make a wrong choice, you can click on the selected number and undo it.
  3. When four digits are selected, OK button becomes active.
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. The result and comment will be displayed. Make a new estimate by evaluating the pros and cons of the result.
  6. There are question marks under the number keys. You can click on it and view the cross and tick shapes.(This has no effect on the game, but it is useful to use it as marking certain and imprecise numbers will guide the predictions.)
  7. You get points if you find the correct number.
  8. You can continue the game by clicking the New Question button.
  9. If you enter a username and password, you can save your score and accumulate your points.
Let the quarterback set the number 5476. Estimates and results
1234 1- there is a number its place is not accurate
9876 2+ there are two numbers, their places are correct
1298 0 none of the digits are the number sought (you can mark the keys as X.)
5861 1+,1- there are two numbers. One of them is accurate
Mepro Number Puzzle

Number Puzzle

 It is the name of many of the games played with number finding. It is in different shapes. It is usually played with two people and the player is asked to find a number determined by the quarterback with clues. It is a fun intelligence game played in pre-digital technology schools by taking notes on the chalkboard or on a piece of paper in spare time.

 Like many games, number finding games were adapted to the computer environment. Thus, different applications developed with the same name.